Monday, April 27, 2009

Two weddings & some funerals

Greetings darlings, I am sorry to be so neglectful. So much has happened since I last wrote including my own wedding, a friend's wedding and some sad goodbyes and prognostics.

I promise to post more pictures and information, but in the meanwhile please enjoy an old favorite ( I especially love the chucks):

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fummer or (if you prefer) Sall

There is something about smells that bring back memories.

Here are some Karen associations:

exhaust = New Orleans/childhood
freshly cut grass = summer
Freesia = show choir
paprika = Hungary (of course!)
bergamot coriander = Evan
dead fish = Venice

And the one related to now is...
burning wood + grass = Fummer or (if you prefer) Sall

I adore these days between summer and fall. When you grow up in the South it simply doesn't exist. So when you get to have it for only a short time the experience is savored.

It is an interesting mix and you must admit there is a smell and feel to Fall that is distinctive. But people have lost the appreciation of right now, where the sweaters start to come out at night and the air has a mix of seasonal smells.

Enjoy it while you can, my friends, it only last for a short time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Porn in the Car?

The airlines complain that free wifi on airplanes will cause people to look at porn, but did we ever think of it in a car?

Yes, my friends, 'tis possible. For I saw it with my own eyes.

Upon leaving work one day, day dreaming about going to my new apartment and eating with my hunny, I looked up at the car stopped in front of me. And noticed he was reading...wait, not reading, look at a magazine?

At first I thought it was an ad, but then he kept flipping the pages and on each one was a picture of a lady, usually scantily clad. Usually the page flip was followed by him taking off his glasses, wiping his forehead, and then putting them back on.


And even when the line of cars started moving through the stoplight, he would look up to drive forward a little and then continue to look down.

More gross.

So, beware! Porn can happen anywhere.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Life's Twists & Turns

Ah, my friends it has been too long! Forget the fact that I totally skipped out during the month of August, I have had so much happening that I go to sleep in the single digit hours! Aren't I suppose to be young and healthy?

Well, here is the the quick details of right now:

I got a new job! I teach music (K-6) in the Cleveland area (not in Cleveland, but the area) and it is draining my life. Besides the fact that I work 8+ hours writing lesson plans and teaching, there is all the hall duties and lunch duties and recess duties...and let me tell you the name "duties" describes how I feel about that.

I joined the COC again! We have a seven hour rehearsal tomorrow night that I am praying gets cut short because I need to get some sleep in...

MY NEW APARTMENT! Yes friends, I am moving out of the nest and to a new place. The big reason is that I currently live an hour+ commute away from my job and that is no fun. So Ev and I have found a lovely little place that combines the historical with the new kitchen that I want.

My very good friend Ashley got engaged! So now, two of my bridesmaids are getting married next year (after me, of course) and I am so thrilled for them. Plus, I get to go to Florida for the wedding!!!

So that is the basics, though there has been ever so much more. Life is just exhausting and right now I don't know if I am cut out for this teaching thing. I mean, I like it, but especially as the "music" teacher, I don't feel very respected. I know that I am training the kids, but it is like everyone things that a good music program means instruments and they just don't understand the value of being able to ::ahem, ahem:: read the music. Being told what to do by people that aren't professionals is like telling a architect how to build a house. TRUST THE EXPERT PEOPLE!

On that note (pun intended) I promise to write more in the coming month about all my shenanigans and how things progress. Just as soon as the Internet is installed at my new place:). Keep watching!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two important things!

C'mon did you think I wouldn't be mentioning this? The girl that listened to Mugglecast?!

On the Project Runway side of things...

And WHAT ARE THE JUDGES THINKING! Oye, they have to wake up. I definitely thought that there were much cuter, beautiful outfits that were totally overlooked. And I HATED the dress that won tonight. And what about last week's pick? Sigh, they best be starting to weed some people out and get their eyes in straight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rejected by email

So I have been interviewing all over and for all different types of jobs. The process is excruciating and not only have I gone through a lot of mental strain but also a ton of gas. Meaning, I have also put in a ton of money.

But the worst part about the whole thing, apart from the rejection and that I still don't have a permanent music position, is getting it in an email. And it isn't even from the person who interviewed me. It is just a generic letter saying thanks for the interest, as if they didn't spend an hour with me talking about the school, my teaching and the position.

Ah my friends, it is rough to be professional with these people when they don't have the spunk to send personal letter. What a fracking joke.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Is this good for my inner wino?

So, I have found a summer job! I am working part time for a wine distributor. That's right, if you buy wine in Ohio I probably sold it to the people who sold it to you...or one of my associates. Anyway, this doesn't mean I can buy cases and cases from them to feed the inner wino, but I am learning about all these different brands and how the process works.

But I believe the hardest thing of all was yesterday when I went up to the kitchen to have my break. Since there was a tasting earlier in the day, there were two carafes of wine (one white, one red with lots of tannins) sitting on the table and I knew that I couldn't touch them. Sigh, all that wasted yummy goodness!